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Last updated Jan. 10, 2019

First nameLast nameOrganizatione-MailJob titleAreas of interest (30 words max)
JenniferWroblewskiNorthwest Association for Biomedical Researchengagement@nwabr.orgPublic Engagement ManagerCreate opportunities for professional scientists and the public to communicate effectively about topics in biomedicine. Increase public participation in own healthcare.
DavidWilliamswingate@seanet.comFreelance WriterUrban natural history, geology
ReithaWeeksShoreline Community Collegereithaweeks@gmail.comProgram Manager, Science OutreachI provide workshops and program management for science outreach and education programs such as Shoreline Community College biotech summer camp.
AnnikaWallendahlSoundEarth Strategiesannikaseattle@gmail.comfreelancegeology, climate change, space science
MichelleMartinFreelance journalistMMartin.edits@gmail.comFreelance journalist and editorThe intersection of science and society. I've written for newspapers and a few locally based magazines and would like to branch out into national publications and radio production.
AnitaWahlerawahler@gmail.combiology, environment, environmental education, science and music, molecular biology, chemistry, geology, climate change, history and philosophy of science, evolution, animals, dogs, hiking/backpacking, wilderness, dog training, tracking/trailing, SAR
MattVivionmatt@mattvivion.comWeb Manager, Center on Reinventing Public Education, UW BothellWeb design, writing, science, video games, storytelling
LiaUnrauunrau@nasw.orgFreelance science writer and editorLife sciences, neuroscience, bioengineering, women's health, environmental health, physics/physical sciences, social sciences
BertTsutakawaGlobal Verde Mediaberttsutakawa@comcast.netPresidentHigh Technology, Biotech, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability
RachelTompaAllen Institutertompa@gmail.comWriter/EditorHealth and life sciences, cancer, biology, neuroscience, biotechnology
ChrisTachibanachris.tachibana@gmail.comscience writer and editorhealth care, medicine, genetics, molecular and cell biology, biotechnology,
RichardStricklandUW Oceanography (retired)strix@comcast.netUW Oceanography Lecturer (retired)Oceanography, Salish Sea and coastal Washington, climate, earth science
VinceStricherzUniversity of Washington (retired)vinces99@comcast.netRetired, UW Office of News and Informationphysical. sciences, in particular anything related to climate, geology, space, physics, zoology or chemistry., editor
EricSorensenWashington State Universityeric.sorensen@wsu.eduscience writer
JoanneSilbernerjoanne.silberner@gmail.comIndependent journalistGlobal health, mental health, health policy, medical science, science policy
ElizabethSharpeUniversity of Washingtonebsharpe@hotmail.comAssistant Director of CommunicationsTechnology
Environmental health
Public Health
Occupational health
KeithSeinfeldPublic Health - Seattle & King Countykseinfeld@outlook.comCommunications specialist
EricSciglianoerics@nwlink.comClimate, especially arctic; oceanography, ecology, evolution, history of science
GregScheidererSeattle Astronomygreg.scheiderer@gmail.comI'm especially interested in astronomy, and write and produce a blog and podcast at Professionally I've worked in communication consulting, freelance writing, government, higher education, and broadcasting.
YasmeenSandsU.S. Forest Serviceyasmeen.sands@gmail.comEnvironmental science communication, public affairs, outreach, interpretation, rhetoric
CaitlinRothermelMedLiterarothermel@mac.comPrincipal, Medlitera: The Medical Writers' GroupI specialize in diabetes (type 1, type 2, and gestational), cardiovascular disease (CVD), and hypertension.

I also have expertise in atopy, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), endometriosis, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, Huntington's Disease, infectious disease, migraine, nutrition, obesity, osteoporosis, pain management, oncology, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), pulmonary function, and visual impairment (age-related macular degeneration [AMD], retinopathy)
CatherineRobinsonentmoots@yahoo.comdisaster response/natural disasters, biology, entomology, environmental science
JohnRoachjohn@byjohnroach.comStoryteller, Technical Writer and EditorMy writing and editing covers technology, artificial intelligence, computer science, innovation, energy, climate science and the environment.
RebeccaReuterrebfranreu@gmail.comOcean science, seafood sustainability, climate science, human relationships with nature
MarcRamirezThe Dallas Morning Newsramirez_marc@hotmail.comStaff writer
TomPaulsonHumanospheretom.a.paulson@gmail.comPublisher / editorHumanosphere is an online news organization that covers global health, aid, development, poverty and scientific research devoted to progress in these areas.
SteveOlsonFreelance writersolson@comcast.netFreelance writerScience and technology policy; genetics; mathematics; education; the environment; history.
BrynNelsonbdnelson@nasw.orgFreelance Science Writer and EditorI have an avid interest in science, medicine, environment, and travel stories.
MarjorieMurrayPATHmurray2822@yahoo.comTechnical writer and editorGlobal Health, reproductive health, vaccines, non-communicable diseases
CynthiaMillscynthmills@nasw.orgVeterinarian/writer/editorConservation and conservation medicine, dog population control, behavior and training of dogs in particular and all animals (including insects and crustaceans), disease and disease evolution.
NebojsaMilanovichSpeaking Science, LLCnick@speakingscience.comPresidentI translate science into business results.
MollyMcElroyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centermcelroymw@gmail.comCommunications Manager | Content Strategist | Media Relationscancer, immunotherapy, vaccines, health, STEM, diversity in science, neuroscience, child development
DonnaMatrazzomatrazzo@msn.comwriter, editor, authorMy speciality is "compelling stories on complex topics." I take vast amounts of technical or obtuse material and translate it into film, exhibit and print pieces that are not only understandable to laypeople, but often entertaining and inspiring.
CathyryneMannerLife Sciences Discovery Fundcmanner@alumni.ucsd.eduSenior Program Officer
PamLovePam Love Communicationspamlovecommunications@comcast.netFreelance event design and planning, editing, story telling and content wrangling
PriscillaLongpriscillalong2020@gmail.comFreelance Writer and EditorI wrote the weekly column Science Frictions for the American Scholar website:
I have written pieces on neuroscience -- "My Brain on My Mind," genomics -- "Genome Tome," and others. I serve as Founding and Consulting Editor of, the online encyclopedia of Washington state history.
SusanLondonsusan@londoncommunications.bizmedical writer and editormedicine, health, research
DeirdreLockwooddelockwood@gmail.comFreelance writer and editorEnvironment, oceanography, climate, chemistry, life sciences
TomLangTom Lang Communications and Training Internationaltomlangcom@aol.comPrincipal, Tom Lang Medical Communications and Training InternationalMedical writing and editing; documenting clinical research; evidenced-based medicine; international training; statistical reporting; date displays
EllenKuwanaSociety of Cannabis Cliniciansellen.kuwana@gmail.comExecutive DirectorWriting and editing in the biomedical sciences, mostly in pediatrics. Expertise includes grants, manuscripts, website content, patient education, white papers, annual reports, researcher profiles. Proficient in AP and APA Style.
EllenKurekAMWA-NWellenkurek@q.comFreelance Writer/EditorMedicine, engineering, IT, energy, ecology, environment, cosmology
ChristineKuepfercakuepfer@gmail.comBiomedical and Life Sciences Communications ConsultantWriting, editing, project management, proofreading, editing for non-native English speakers, data analysis, literature research, quality control check of documents, publication management
EmilyKriegeremilyfkrieger@gmail.comFreelance editor, writer, and fact-checkerchildren's science news, biology, natural history, zoology, evolution, environment, zoonotic diseases, earth science
BrettKraabelPhysical Sciences Communicationeditor@p-sciences-communication.comSenior Science EditorPhysics, ultrafast and nonlinear optics, computer science, materials science, fullerenes, nanocrystals, conjugated polymers, holography, visible and infrared spectroscopy, x-ray optics, crystallography, ...
KathrynKohmAnthropocene Magazine, University of Washingtonkkohm@uw.eduEditor, Anthropocene MagazineEcology, sustainable development, environmental science
OrlayJohnsonnoaaorlay@comcast.netResearch Fisheries Biologist/Educator/Seattle AquariumGenetics, salmon, cephalopods, climate change, fisheries, aquaculture, and communication in all its forms. Also Seattle Aquarium diver and beach captain.
SallyJamesjams0@msn.comScience writerImmunotherapy, biotechnology, research, social media, microbiome and health.
Consultant on social media for scientists.
DonnaIrwindonnali21@outlook.comSr. Medical/Technical Writer
RebeccaHughesKaiser Permanente Washington Health Research media consultantMedicine, health care, public health, biology, environment
TomHopptomhopp@aol.comWriterBiotechnology, medicine, biology, paleontology, astronautics, astronomy, science fiction
MaritaGraubePixel Theory Inc.marita@pixeltheoryinc.comPrincipalI create scientific, technical, and marketing content for corporate and government clients spanning a range of topics, such as translational research, drug development, and biotechnology.
Learn more at:
David GeorgeGordondggordon@olympus.netAuthor, Lecturer, Bug Chef,Wildlife and wild places, travel, "fringe" science-- especially cryptozoology and entomophagy.
AndreGolardgolard@gmail.comneuroscience, business, decision making, thinking errors, innovation, startups, change management, communications, VR
StevenGilbertINNDsgilbert@innd.orgDirectorputting science in the context of history, society, and culture -
JudiGibbsWrite Guru™judi@writeguru.comBook Indexer and WriterExperience in medical and engineering writing. Extensive experience producing back-of-the-book indexes. See my website or e-mail me for a selective list.
Alternate E-mail:
WaytGibbsSolo Publishing LLC / Intellectual
KirstenGantenbeinkirsten.gantenbein@gmail.comPrincipal Technical Writer
SarahGageGovernor's Salmon Recovery Office, State of Washingtonsgage1836@gmail.comProgram Manager in salmon recoveryConservation, biology, botany, endangered species, biodiversity, gardening. I curate the Botanical Rambles blog for the Washington Native Plant Society.
SandiDoughtonThe Seattle Timessdoughton@seattletimes.comScience Reporter
MariaDolanFreelance Writermariaidolan@gmail.comFreelance JournalistEnvironment, culture, food and health.
AnneDevineAnne Devine Communications, LLCcommdevine@gmail.comPrincipalHealthcare writing and editing; communications strategy planning; project management
John G.CramerUniversity of Washingtonjcramer@uw.eduProfessor EmeritusI write a bimonthly science column "The Alternate View" published in Analog SF Magazine. I'm a retired UW Professor of Physics, and I continue to do research in nuclear physics and in quantum optics.
JohnClemensjclemens@harbornet.comScience communicatorWater resources, flooding, groundwater, rivers, water quality, natural hazards, water chemistry, computer modeling, streamflow
AlanBoyleCosmic Log / GeekWirecosmiclog@hotmail.comAerospace and science editorSpace, physical sciences, archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, paleontology
JamesBarlowUniversity of Oregonjebarlow@uoregon.eduDirector of Science and Research CommunicationsLife sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, medicine
RichardAdairAllochthon Enterprisesradair@allochthon.comEnergy ReporterEnergy, Renewable Energy, Earth Sciences, Environment, Geothermal, Enhanced Geothermal Systems, Engineered Geothermal Systems, EGS, Earthquakes, Geophysics, Physics, Chemistry, Energy Regulation, Seismology, Geodesy
MindyMinerFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centermminer@fredhutch.orgTechnical EditorInfectious disease; other diseases studied at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
BernadettePajerbpajer@uw.eduwriter, citizen journalistAs a novelist: history of forensics, medicine, and electrical engineering. As an activist: health, natural healing and immunity, vaccine safety reform, & scientific integrity in medical policymaking.
ElizabethStewartBio-Linkeastewart19@gmail.comScience Writergenomics, data-enabled life sciences, proteomics, biology, genetics, science education
MaryAnnWagnerUW Washington Sea Grantmaryannwagner4@gmail.comAssist Director for CommunicationsTechnical editing & writing/environmental sciences & cultural resources
DennisSchatzPacific Science Centerschatz@pacsci.orgSenior Advisor
EricStavneyFreelance writer day job at PEMCOeaskelad2@outlook.comFreelance writer, radio program hostI am a biologist by training (especially microbiology) but have wide ranging interests across nearly all scientific disciplines. I'm sorry to say this includes unbridled rock collecting (now no room to sleep at home) and taking roadkill home to stuff and make pretty again (now no squeamish friends). I tell a pretty good story, especially explaining nature and its wonders. I also cohost the Scandinavian Hour at KKNW and write for the Norwegian-American newspaper.
Maria M.Ruthmariaruthbooks@comcast.netWriterNatural history, marbled murrelets, clouds, books for general non-scientist, accidental naturalists like myself.

Rare Bird: Pursuing the Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet (Mountaineers Books reissue, Fall 2013)

A Sideways Look at Clouds (Mountaineers Books, Fall 2017)
AndreaWattsandwatts@live.comFreelance writerSustainable forestry, silviculture, mass timber, hard cider industry
chrissolomonfreelancesolochris@gmail.comfreelance writerCover the environment, general science, science of fitness and the body for Outside magazine, Scientific American, NYTimes, others.

Also write on travel and other topics for several pubs.
RobertMcClureInvestigateWestreportermcclure@gmail.comExecutive DirectorInvestigative and other in-depth coverage of the environment, health and government accountability.
HannahHickeyUniversity of Washingtonhickeyh@uw.eduEarth Sciences WriterCovering Earth sciences, oceanography, atmospheric sciences, polar science, weather and climate.
BillLoftusbloftus@moscow.comScience writeragriculture, biology, conservation, environment, animal science, plant science, genomics, climate change
PeterKelleyUniversity of Washington News Officekellep@uw.eduPublic Information Officer
GlennFleishmanglenn@glennf.comJournalistspace probes, digital imaging, computer and mobile security, type and printing technology, cryptography
RobinLindleySelfrobinlindley@gmail.comIndependent writerParticular interest in the history of science with an emphasis on medicine and biology. Many of my articles--often interviews with scholars and writers-- appear on sites such as History News Network ( and
TimMerrickU.S. Geological Surveytim.merrick@gmail.comPublic Information OfficerI am always interested to work with writers to tell the important stories of USGS earth science. I am based in Boise, Idaho, but can connect writers with colleagues throught the Pacific Northwest.
JenniferDavisonUrban@UW, University of Washingtonjnfrdvsn@uw.eduProgram ManagerScience communication, community engagement, co-creation of knowledge, public participation in scientific research, sustainability, urban resilience
HannahKrakauerAllen Institutehannah.krakauer@gmail.comCommunications Program Manager
AdrienneRoss Scanlanadrienne@adrienne-ross-scanlan.comWriter, editor, citizen scientist. Author of Turning Homeward: Restoring Hope and Nature in the Urban Wild
(WA State Book Award 2017 Finalist). Awarded Certificate in Editing (Univ. of Washington).
AshleyBraunFreelance Journalistabraun3@gmail.comFreelance Science and Environmental JournalistEcology, conservation, food and agriculture, climate change, fact-checking
SusanKeownFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centersejkeown@gmail.comAssociate Editor
RobertaKwokFreelancerobertakwok@gmail.comFreelance science writerWrite for publications such as Nature,, Hakai, Aeon, and U.S. News & World Report. Provide writing and editing services to research institutions, hospitals, and corporate clients. Website:
MichelleMaUniversity of Washingtonmcma@uw.eduScience Writer/Assistant Director, UW Office of News and InformationForestry, fisheries, marine policy, environment, video, multimedia
Sandra RipleyDistelhorstNW Health Communicationssandrad@nwhealthcomm.comSenior Science Writer and EditorI provide evidence-based writing and editing services with a focus on environmental science and medicine. My clients include individual researchers, research groups and professional associations.
BrettWaltonCircle of Bluewalton_brett@yahoo.comreporterI write about freshwater and all its connections for Circle of Blue, a water news agency.
LindseyAmtmannlindseyamtmann@gmail.comscience writer and project managerI ensure that technical information is understood by all, no matter what level of expertise the stakeholders possess or their professional discipline. Translate engineering, science, and technical information from expert-to-layperson and from expert-to-expert. Help decision-makers clarify stakeholder issues when laypeople do not possess quite the right words to express their ideas and concerns.Turn science into terrific stories for the public, educators, parents, and children. Determine what needs to be written and how to get it out there.
MichelleNijhuisFreelance Journalistmichelle@nasw.orgIndependent JournalistConservation biology, environmental policy, ecology, public health, and the intersections among all of the above.
RobinStantonNature Conservancyrstanton@tnc.orgMedia Relations Manager, The Nature ConservancyEnvironment, wildlife, natural solutions for climate change and other environmental challenges
David MMillsInfinity Box Theatre Projectdavidm@infinitybox.orgArtistic Director, Infinity Box Theatre Project
KristenWoodwardFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centerkwoodwar@fhcrc.orgScience communications editor
BonnieRochmanfreelancebonnie.rochman@gmail.comfreelance journalistI write broadly about maternal/child health and parenting for The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times Magazine, MIT Technology Review and others. My first book, The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies Are Changing the Way We Have Kids and the Kids We Have, was published in 2017 by Scientific American/Farrar, Straus and Giroux.
SylviaKantorFreelanceSikantor@gmail.comIndependent writer and editorscience writing: environment, agriculture, sustainability, ecology, natural resources
editing: substantive, line editing, developmental
ThomasRickeyPacific Northwest National Laboratorytom.m.rickey@gmail.comScience Writing Team LeadFundamental science; chemistry, physics, biology; energy and environment; climate
ReneeGastineauUW Clean Energy Institute and Testbedsgastineau.renee@gmail.comClimate Science and technology, Tech-to-market: entrepreneurs and researchers working to combat and adapt to climate change.
Amy SnowLandaThe Fearey Groupamysnowlanda@yahoo.comAccount Supervisor
MadelineOstranderfreelance/YES! Magazinemadeline.ostrander@gmail.comFreelance editor/writerClimate change, fossil fuels, conservation, environmental policy, ecology.
JerryJoyceMoon Joyce Resourcesjerryjoyce@moonjoyce.comOwner/WriterCommunicating technological and environmental information in clear and simple ways.
LynnePeeplesFreelancelpeeples@post.harvard.eduScience, Health and Environment ReporterEnvironment, climate change, green energy, toxic chemicals, infectious disease, public health, medicine
RichardEllsells.rick@gmail.comSenior WebmasterEvolution, cooperation, book reviews
HillaryLaurenWoodland Park Zoo / Freelancehzg.lauren@gmail.comInterpretive Content DeveloperInterpretive writing, science writing, graphic design, experience design
planetary sciences
DeannaFrostLive Keenly LLCsalishsea.islandrover@gmail.coom
SallieOrtizFreelancesallieortiz-writer@charter.netScience & Energy Writer, Editor, Book CoachFundamental science, nuclear science, nuclear energy, nuclear waste, climate change, health, palliative health care, end-of-life issues
EdieLauVeterinary Information Network News Serviceheyedielau@gmail.comEditorVeterinary medicine; pharmaceuticals; biomedicine; One Health; environment.
JaneHuhujanec@gmail.comFreelance science journalist
TamaraSellmanSleepyHeadCENTRAL.comsleepyheadcentral@gmail.comWriter, curator, editor, RPSGT (sleep technologist) and CCSH (clinical sleep educator)Sleep health, health literacy, multiple sclerosis, media literacy
RichardYonckIntelligent Future Consultingryonck@intelligent-future.comFuturistFocus on future trends and developments. Particular interest in emerging technologies and their potential impacts on society.
KateForsterUniversity of Washingtondialectkate@gmail.comScience WriterNeurology, biotechnology, genetics, environmental studies, physiology, psychology, zoology, oceanography and marine sciences, quantum physics
KerrieSchurrSahale Editing and Author Serviceskerrie.schurr@gmail.comScience/Engineering EditorNeed someone knowledgeable to polish your writing? Experienced editor provides careful, timely, and diplomatic edits in areas of environmental science and engineering, nature, biology, and health. Nonnative English writers welcome.
SandraHinesRetired University of Washingtonsandrahines@whidbey.comRetired University of WashingtonBiology, environmental
TheresaBritschgiWashington State Opportunity Scholarshipbritsctb@comcast.netProgram Director, WestsideIncreasing the public interest and enthusiasm for science and engineering - particularly in high school students, undergraduates, and their teachers and mentors
EmmaMilleremmaleam@gmail.comoperations'I am passionate about implementing innovations through technical writing and project management. Happiness is seeing concepts fully realized through research, development, and production.
AmeliaHavanecMichigan State University School of Journalismamelia.havanec@gmail.comMA Candidate, 2016Science & Environmental Journalism.
JenniferLangstonUniversity of Washingtonjlangst@uw.eduEngineering writer/PIO, University of Washington Office of News and InformationAeronautics and astronautics, civil and environmental engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, human-centered design, industrial and systems engineering. Twitter: @langstonjen
RachelBerkowitzrdberkowitz@gmail.comResearch Analyst & Science WriterI currently divide my time between working on an artificial intelligence start-up company, called i2k Connect, and writing for scientific publications based in the US and Europe. I am available for freelance science and technical writing - please feel free to contact me!

I began my science writing career as the founding contributor to Physics Today’s ‘Down to Earth’ column from 2011-2014. After completing my Ph.D. (2013) in geophysics in Cambridge, England, I took a science writing/communications position at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. For more details, please visit
EricTillesoneric.tilleson@gmail.comTech, physics, astronomy, cellular biology
ChristineWaresakPATH & Pacific Science Centercwaresak@gmail.comFreelance Writer/EditorLife sciences, health sciences, biology, global health, writing and editing
JamesUrtonjamesurton@gmail.comPIO & freelance science writer
KeriPollockkerikpollock@gmail.comDirector of Marketing & Communicationsaging, health and the environment
IngridRufLife Science Washingtonikrphd@gmail.comProgram ManagerOncology, virology, biomarkers, therapeutics, education, entrepreneurial support, commercialization
Connie A.HellyerNonec.hellyer@icloud.comWriterNatural history for children
JoelDavisjoel_davis@comcast.netFreelance WriterAstronomy, physics, medical research,
human evolution, ecological issues.
JenniferMonnierjennifermonnier94@gmail.comFreelance journalistEnvironment, energy, and natural resource stories, with a focus on small towns and communities.
CarolOstromThe Seattle Times (retired)cmoseattle@gmail.comHealth and medicine, medical ethics, health politics and systems
KerThanStanford Universitykerthan@gmail.comscience writer
KristinHarperHarper Health & Science Communications, LLCkristin.nicole.harper@gmail.comFreelance science writer/editorGenetics, epigenetics, infectious diseases, epidemiology, paleopathology, population health, evolutionary biology
ShahinShafianiCenter for Infectious Disease Researchshafiani@yahoo.comSenior ScientistPublication of manuscripts and abstracts. Regulatory and research-related documents. Interpretation and reporting of clinical data.
ElizabethHousleyOur Future Environment Consultingelizabeth.housley@gmail.comSenior Project Manager, Researcherurban forestry, public health, environmental equality, stewardship, cognitive science, mental health
DanaeGossWoodland Park Zoodanaelfg@comcast.netExhibit Technician
JoyJerniganSeattle Children'sjoy.jernigan@seattlechildrens.orgSenior Communications Specialistresearch, healthcare, communications
PaulaBlasiGroup Health Research Instituteblasi.p@ghc.orgResearch AssociatePublic health, health care, health policy, health literacy
JoelGreenGreen Scientific Communicationsjagreen12@comcast.netFreelance Science WriterEcology, fisheries and aquatic biology, climate change, medical science, biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology
RachelWebberrcwebber@wsu.eduDr. Universe, science writerscience writing for kids--and kids of all ages.
CelesteSearles MazzacanoCASM Environmental, LLCcmazzacano@gmail.comPrincipal Scientist/Ownerenvironmental and STEM education, water quality, bioassessment, aquatic entomology, insects, invertebrates, biodiversity, habitat management, natural resources, conservation, urban nature, backyard habitat, stewardship learning; PhD in entomology
ElleO'BrienUniversity of Washingtonandronovhopf@gmail.comNonlinear dynamics, neuroscience, speech, automatic speech recogntion, artificial intelligence, brain computer interface, and bad science
MarkHarrismark@meharris.comScience/technology reporterTechnology, transportation, robotics, climate, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, automotive, AI
MannyFrishbergselfm.j.frishberg@gmail.comContributing Editor, RTM magazineAlternative energy, Solar, health and medicine, weird science, mew materials and technologies. 3D Printing
WudanYanwudan.yan@gmail.comFreelance science journalistBiology, biochemistry, medicine, environmental science, plant biology, climate change, conversation, supply chain, sustainability, food science
FrancesWhitefrannywhite@gmail.comMedia Relations Advisorenergy: renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, marine), fish survival at dams, power grid, smart grid, buildings energy efficiency

environment: wildlife, environmental impacts of energy, marine science
KellyBrennerkellybrenner@gmail.comNaturalist, Writer, Photographer, creator of The Metropolitan Field GuideI write about urban wildlife habitat on my website and I'm currently expanding to more natural history writing and working on a book.
JanineKowackjkowack@comcast.netStem Cell Research, Epigenetics
AndrewHellmanQuest Diagnosticsabhellman@gmail.comManager, Global Scientific Publications
CharlotteSchubertFreelancecschubert@fastmail.comFreelanceI cover the biomedical sciences, including translational medicine, epigentics and reproduction. Bylines at Nature, Science, PNAS, GeekWire. Previously at Nature Medicine and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Ph.D. from University of Washington and Fred Hutch.
JessicaMarshallChemical & Engineering
AmyCorreaamy.e.correa@gmail.comEnvironmental Research, Communications, & Outreach, Writer/PublisherI'm passionate about interdisciplinary environmental research, communication, and outreach with various stakeholders and constituencies. The theme of my academic and professional career is that of science/technical communication for diverse audiences, and environmental protection, focused on climate change and watershed/marine issues, especially for the Pacific Northwest region.
AlOlsonalolson59@gmail.comCannabis industry
HeatherWilsonUW Medicinehvw@uw.eduWriter|Communications SpecialistHealthcare, social media, health sciences
VENKATASUBRAMANIANK VIndependentkvvenkatasubramanian@gmail.comScience JournalistHealth, Energy, Environment, Climate Change, Pharma and Chemical Industries,
Agriculture and Transportation
DanielleRanneydaniranney@yahoo.comCommunications Manager
SamanthaLarsonfreelancelarsamant@gmail.comScience Writer, Washington Sea Grant.Science, the environment, and adventure.
GenevieveWanuchaUniversity of Washingtongenevieve.wanucha@gmail.comScience Writer at the UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center / UW Alzheimer Research CenterBrain science, neurology, neurodegenerative disease, dementia, genetics, precision medicine, dementia-friendly communities, art
AudreyFigginsajfiggins@hotmail.comMainly astronomy and biology research science topics. I am interested in taking new perspectives from other scientists and hopefully twisting in some writing my own articles!
KathleenSimiskathleen.simis@gmail.comRegulatory Medical Writer
LauraBassettWoodland Park Zool.e.bassett@gmail.comWriter; ZookeeperZoology, animal behavior, animal husbandry, conservation, environment, natural history, life sciences, biology, astronomy, space, interpretive planning, free-choice learning, play, zoos, museums, nature centers
ShelleyChestlerUniversity of Washington Seattleschesty11@gmail.comGraduate StudentCurrently I am a graduate student researching earthquakes. After I finish my Ph.D. I hope to break in to science journalism.
GeoffNunnThe Museum of Flightgnunn@museumofflight.orgExhibit Developer/Adjunct Curator for Space HistorySpace history, commercial space, NASA, museums, science education
EmilyHartmanUC Berkeleyechartma@berkeley.eduGraduate StudentProtein engineering, synthetic biology, virus-like particles
BryonyAngellFreelance Writerhello@bryonyangell.comFreelance writer and bloggerConservation advocacy, birding, experience of nature with children, citizen science and women's health care issues Science JournalistBiotech, artificial intelligence, materials, engineering, sex, sperm, robots, things that are cool
Stevende Jesus CarrionBenaroya Research Institutestevendejesus@gmail.comPostdoctoral Research AssociateInflammation, Oncology, Microbiology
ClaytonAldernaldern@caldern.xyzFreelance/ConsultantScience policy, environmental justice, neuroscience
JenessaDuncombeOregon State Universityjrduncombe@gmail.comFreelance Science WriterScience Communication in Earth and Environmental Sciences
JeffRicePuget Sound Institutejeffrice@uw.eduManaging EditorMy primary focus is on the Puget Sound ecosystem, but I am an equal opportunity science nerd. I have a background in the media arts and journalism.
ElisabethEavesBulletin of the Atomic Scientistselisabeth@eaves.comwriter and editorbiosecurity, conservation, climate change, marine life, nuclear energy, oceans, global public health, renewable energy, weapons of mass destruction
ClaireThompsonclairet@stanford.eduFreelance WriterAs a recent grad in the field of Earth Systems, I'm mainly interested in environmental topics. I love food, animals, and mountains especially.
KarenBerg Brighamself-employedkbbrigham@gmail.comScientific writer/editorInternational health policy
Health services research
Economic analysis
Regulatory analysis
Health Technology Assessment
Chronic disease
Orphan drugs
LINDADahlstromFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centerladanderson@gmail.comDirector of editorial / Editor of Fred Hutch News Service
JohnMeyerCollege of the Environment, UWjjmeyer@uw.eduAssociate Director of Science Communicationmedia relations, science writing, science communication, marketing
LouisaCockbilllouisa.cockbill@gmail.comScience WriterMy PhD was in Biochemistry but my interests include any and all areas of biomedical research. In particular: cancer biology, immunology, pathology, microbiology. But I'm happy to write about other scientific disciplines.
Rachel BethKellerUniversity Of Washington School Of MedicineRACHELBETHK@GMAIL.COMPhD Candidate \ Graduate Student ResearcherI am currently pursuing a PhD in Pathology under the mentorship of Peter H Byers, MD. My broad scientific interests are in genetic disease, namely rare genetic disorders, and the unique insight they offer into basic biology.

I am passionate about telling scientific stories. After graduation, I am looking to pursue a career in scientific communication, perhaps as an editor for a scientific journal, with the aim of helping other researchers to better tell theirs.
AmyBrodbeckUniversity of Washingtonamyb2015@uw.eduMaster's Candidate, University of Washington
PaulaBockPATHpbock@path.orgSenior Editor/Writer PATHFincom, multisector partnership, qualitative research, documentary photography in "Mobilizing Myanmar: A Smartphone Revolution Connects the Poor with Economic Opportunity" -- a report for the Gates Foundation Download here:
SimonBakkesimonbakk3@gmail.comBringing clarity to issues with multiple forms of media– graphic design, photography, creative and journalistic writing, and Podcast / audio work.
KristinaBjorankristina.bjoran@gmail.comSenior User Experience DesignerWith a Masters from MIT in science writing, my career has taken me into user experience design. Strong interests remain in emerging technologies.
LauraCooleyUWLaura.samidoun@gmail.comWriter-Editor and Public Health SpecialistGlobal health; Continuing Medical Education; Environmental Sciences; history of war and peace
JamesGainesFreelancejmarshallgaines@gmail.comWriterEnvironment, Climate Change, Technology, Solutions Journalism
SeanaDavidsonUniversity of Washingtonseana.davidson@gmail.comInstructorMicrobiology, environmental microbiology, symbiosis, science writing education, illustration
MichaelBradburyREALsciencemikeb@seanet.comFounderClimate Change, Astronomy, Physics, Marine Biology, Open Science, History of Science, Citizen Science
AmieNewmanAmie Newman Consultingamie.newman@gmail.comStrategic Communications Consultant + WriterMy areas of interest include global health issues; specifically maternal health and reproductive health. Within those areas, I'm most interested in issues of access and equity. As a strategic communications expert, I focus on storytelling and dissemination strategies for foundations and mission driven organizations.
PhuongLeThe Associated Pressple@ap.orgEnvironment reporter
RebeccaRandallChristianity Todayrrandall@christianitytoday.comScience editorFood, agriculture, environment, intersections of science and faith
Mary BethHasselquistAktiva Designhasselquist.mb@gmail.comInformation designerI create clear and insightful graphs, tables, and slide sets that eliminate visual distractions and convey data and patterns in a memorable way.
LauraLockardWSU College of Veterinary Medicinelauralockard@vetmed.wsu.eduDirector of Communications and Public AffairsMs. Lockard provides strategic communications for WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Paul Allen School for Global Animal Health, Veterinary Hospital, Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience, and the School of Molecular Biosciences.
CarolMortonIndependent journalistccmorton@nasw.orgsenior science writer
PaigeEmbrypaembry@comcast.netfreelance writernative bees, geology, paleoclimate, soils, agriculture, horticulture
BrianDonohueUW Medicinebriandonohue62@gmail.comPublic information editorI write about medical research, clinical care and public policy.
ChelseaYatesUniversity of Washingtoncdyates@uw.eduWriter and publications manager, UW College of EngineeringAeronautics & astronautics, bioegineering, chemical engineering, civil & environmental engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, human-centered design, industrial & systems engineering, materials science & engineering.
EdmundButlerHealth Innovation NWEd@healthinnovator.orgPresidentInnovation in cancer research and cancer care.
BryceTaylorUniversity of Washingtonmb.taylor@outlook.comPostdocI'm a Genomics researcher and am interested in science outreach and education.
AnneClarkUniversity of Washingtonanclel@gmail.comGraduate Student
MartaCourseyWashington State Universitymarta.coursey@wsu.eduCAHNRS Director of Communications
SidneyPerkowitzFreelance and Emory Universityphysp@emory.eduFreelance Ph. D. physicist, science writer, editor and consultantPhysical science; technology; genetic engineering; science and society; science in film, art and general culture; science outreach; science editing and consulting.
BreannaDraxlerbioGraphicbreanna.draxler@gmail.comAssociate editor, bioGraphicI edit features and manage production at bioGraphic. Our stories are longform, narrative, and multimedia. Former editor at Popular Science and Discover magazines. Experience in print, online, podcasts, and radio.
ChristieWilcoxFreelancenerdychristie@gmail.comEditor, SciShowBio-nerd with a particular fascination with venoms, poisons, and toxungens.
JakeBuehlerFreelancebuehlerjake@gmail.comScience WriterBiology, Natural History, Biodiversity, Evolution
MilanaMcLeadWashington State Medical Associationmilana@wsma.orgSr. Director, Strategic Communications & Growth
JenniferOvinkPacific Northwest National Laboratoryjdill7@gmail.comScience Writeratmospheric sciences
global warming
climate change
gender equity
DanTaberScience By Design, LLCdtaber@science-by-design.comPresident and Clinical Assistant ProfessorPublic health, health policy, food policy, obesity, nutrition, health equity, science communication, science policy, science advocacy, science engagement, social media
BeccaVerdaAlzheimer's Associationbeccaverda@gmail.comCommunications ManagerScience, research and social justice
JeanColleyColley Associatescolleyj@comcast.netRetired editor for Washington State Medical Association; follow science/medicine issues.
HannahSmithFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centerhannah.b.richards@gmail.comPostdoctoral ResearcherScience writing for the public, science journalism, biotechnology, biology, genetics.
ChristinaMangiapaniWashington State
ThereseHarrisWashington State
IanHaydonUniversity of Washington, Seattleichaydon@uw.edugraduate student + science writerDemystifying biotechnology. My doctoral work weaves together biochemistry, computer science, medicine, and biological design.
DavidBergerdavidberger@hilakers.orgfreelancenature, environment, marine issues and energy, including the human story as well as the scientific. Also the visual arts.
DaveVannierFred Hutch Cancer Research Centerdvannier@fredhutch.orgScience Education SpecialistBiomedical research
High School and Undergraduate research experiences
AnnaShafferUniversity of Washington Department of Surgeryannashaffer@hotmail.comPublic Information & Stakeholder Engagement Specialisthealth & wellness, healthcare, patient advocacy, health literacy
SusanCurhanCommunications & Marketing LeaderScurhan@gmail.comMarketing And Communications Leadership-Building brand reputation and driving revenue through Communications and Marketing.
-Measuring comfmunications impact against business goals
-Multi-media storytelling
-Media Relations beyond press releases
-Integrated Communications
KarenBrandvickSeattle Cancer Care
AddyHatchWSU College of Nursingaddy.hatch@wsu.eduDirector of Outreach and CommunicationsInnovation in health sciences and health care.
MeredithForeUniversity of Washingtonmestaub@uw.eduPhysics, Chemistry
HannahNesichBenaroya Research Institute at Virginia Masonhannah.nesich@gmail.comCommunications Coordinator
MalkaMain-TraceyUniversity of Washingtonmalkamain@gmail.comManaging Writer/Editor, Public Information Specialist
JakeAshcraftSouth Seattle Collegejake.ashcraft@gmail.comProfessor and Science CommunicatorScientific and technical writing, technical editing, science editing, freelance and contract work
BetsyHowellbetsyhowell@olympus.netWildlife BiologistConservation biology, carnivores, amphibians and reptiles, environmental education, citizen science.
KenAndersonPATHkanderson@path.orgSenior Media Relations AssociateResearch, technology and innovations impacting global health and development
CameronStahlQuorum Review IRBr.cameronstahl@gmail.comContent Marketing Specialist and EditorClinical writing, educational science writing and media production, film and video production, advocacy and public relations.
LizzGiordanolizz.giordano@gmail.comfreelance journalist
FrederickFreudenbergerOregon State University / Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centerffreuden@fredhutch.orgClassically trained Earth Scientist leveraging my background in journalism, communications, and research to tackle the challenges of communicating complex science to engage the public and inform policy.
LorenBaughBaugh Scientific Writinglorenbaugh@gmail.comResearch Scientist, Scientific WriterI'm interested in scientific manuscript and grant writing and editing and related work in the fields of my expertise/experience: molecular cell biology, protein science, infectious disease research, and bioengineering.
LyndaMapesThe Seattle Timeslmapes@seattletimes.comEnvironment reporternature, natural history, forest ecology, native cultures, wildlife, environmental topics of all sorts.
stephaniezurenkofreelanceszurenko@gmail.comLicensed Engineering Geologist - WA statebeginning second career after 27 yrs government service
interests: all science
earth science
water resources
ethics in science
science in policy & decision making
meganchambersWashington State Opportunity Scholarshipmegan.rose.chambers@gmail.comCommunications OfficerNon profit
Education Advocacy
WilliamChenThe Nature Conservancywchen1642@gmail.comMarketing InternEnvironment, conservation, statistics, mathematics, interactive storytelling. Currently creating digital and interactive content, performing market research, and managing social media for The Nature Conservancy.
CorydonIrelandPacific Northwest National LaboratoryCorydon.Ireland@pnnl.govScience WriterAtmospheric science, soil microbiology, ecology, soil carbon, rhizosphere, proteomics, microbiome
KimberlyCollinsGE Healthcarekimberly.anne.collins@gmail.comScientific Product Support Specialistcell biology, super resolution biology, confocal microscopy, widefield microcopy, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, science communication to a diverse audience
CatherineArnoldcb.arnold@gmail.comCommunications Writer/Media Relations at ARUP Laboratories (affiliated with Univ. of Utah) and FreelanceConservation and Nature
Oceanography/Marine Studies
Pathology and Genetics
KathleenGormankathleengorman924@gmail.comFreelance writer and editorSpecialize in making science understandable, painless and useful for general consumers -- skills I honed as a newspaper reporter and communications specialist for health systems and an academic medical/research center.
SarahPattonsbwpatton@yahoo.comPhysician AssistantMedicine (all areas including practice, policy, research, public health)
SusanBrownfreelancesuzzanb@uw.eduEcology, Biology, Public Art, International Archaeology, Urban Planning
TerriGilbertTgilhou@gmail.comScience Communication ConsultantNeuroscience, opioid/cannabis research, Veterans affairs, data science, data sharing, Science Communication
JohnGruberCNSIdjelim@gmail.comTechnical WriterClimate change, technology, historical information, eco-choices, healthcare and public health, computers, conservation.
RachelCreightonUniversity of Washingtonrlp30@uw.eduNSF Graduate Research FellowI am currently developing a microneedle delivery device for oral HIV vaccination. I am passionate about translational research, global health, and of course, science communication.
PaurviShindeBloodworks Northwest Research Institutepaurvi.shinde@outlook.comPostdoctoral fellowInterested in science communication, including writing and editing. I am currently doing some freelance work for scientific blog sites. I love making articles clear and concise, so any audience reading them can appreciate the message behind it.
WendellRickettsFossil News; FourCats Pressfossilnews@fourcatspress.comEditor, Publisher, WriterNatural sciences generally; paleontology & geology; environment/conservation; marine biology
JuliaGoldsteinJulia L F Goldstein Communicationsjulia@jlfgoldstein.comOwner/Writer and EditorMaterials science, environment, energy, sustainability, manufacturing, chemistry
NatalieSlivinskiFreelanceunscienced@gmail.comFreelance science writerDisease biology, antibiotic resistance, diagnostics, synthetic biology, anthropology, nutrition, behavioral psychology, STEM literacy, marine zoology, ecology, evolution, fire science, bugs
HeatherWiedenhoftWDFWheather.wiedenhoft@gmail.comFisheries and Environmental Scientist, Freelance WriterI am a scientist and freelance writer with a passion for the outdoors. My research work has led to peer-reviewed publications like Cell Journal and Harmful Algae, and range from topics in Neuroscience to Immunology to Environmental Science. More creative science writing has revolved around Marine and Fisheries Ecosystems, with a move towards nature and outdoor writing. When I'm not making discoveries in the lab or crafting on my computer you can find me exploring the backwoods of Oregon, tip- toeing to mountain tops or taming raging rivers.
SarahMcQuatesmcquate@gmail.combiochemistry, chemistry, astronomy, atmospheric science, engineering diversity in science
SabinRussellFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centersabinrussell@gmail.comWriter/EditorCancer, HIV, Global Health, Immunology, Climate,Fourier transform
JenniferMichalowskiFreelancejenn.michalowski@gmail.comScience Writer and EditorI cover a wide range of biology, writing frequently about neuroscience, evolution, cancer biology, and biodiversity.
DavidSalisburyFreelancesalisbury@nasw.orgScience communications consultantMultimedia science communications
Amy SnowLandaNyhus Communicationsamy.snowlanda@nyhus.comAccount Supervisor, Public Relations and Public Affairshealth care policy, medicine, bioethics, digital health, marine life, conservation, strategic communications; master's in health journalism and graduate minor in bioethics, University of Minnesota
EngelMaryFreelancemary.engel@waywest.netwriterglobal health, infectious diseases, cancer, climate change, health policy
KarenHillsWashington State University, University of Idahokaren.marie.hills@gmail.comResearch Associate and Technical WriterMy educational background is in agricultural science. I have an interest in the natural sciences in general. I have experience in both writing original content and editing publications written for the general public or for technical audiences.
WalterNearyUW Medicinewalter.neary@gmail.comScience writerUW Medicine science writer in a temporary role so also keeping an eye out for opportunities. Communications professional in
- Telecommunications
- Local government and elected office
- Health care
- Higher education
- Scientific research
AmandaPainFreelance Writerwriter@amandapain.comFreelance WriterAmanda is a trained journalist who has experience working and writing in global health, international development, science and medicine, as well as the non-profit sector.
STEPHANIESWANEThe Cooking LabSswane@modernistcuisine.comPublisher
SeanNealonOregon State Universitysean.nealon@oregonstate.eduDirector of News and Research Communications
HannahThomasyhkthomasy@gmail.comBiology, biotech, medicine, neuroscience, psychology
IanNovaUniversity of Washingtoniancurtisnova@gmail.comResearch AssistantMolecular Engineering - from protein to genetic engineering, I am interested in technology development to manipulate and control molecules
JulieLutzUW Astronomy Departmentjhl@uw.eduEmeritus Research Professor of AstronomyAstronomy education and outreach, research on the evolution of stars
AnneCasselmanFreelancanne.casselman@gmail.comScience journalistScience journalist based in Vancouver, reporting on environment, climate change, marine issues, natural history, ecology.
NancySteinbergCollege of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State Universitynancy.steinberg@oregonstate.eduScience CommunicatorMarine science, earth science, climate change, environmental policy, coastal policy and issues, fisheries, oceanography
BeccaCudmorebeccacudmore@gmail.comScience WriterScience writing; biodiversity loss; ecology; anthropology; biology; international development;
StephenMillersrmiller02@gmail.comIndependent JournalistEnvironmental science, climate change, environmental justice, conservation biology, energy and policy
LisaDonohueFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center / HIV Vaccine Trials Networklisa@adahliadesign.comVisual Designer3D modeling, Motion Graphics, Biomedical Imaging, Compositing, Scientific Illustration, Web & UX Design, Infectious Diseases
JoshuaRosenauScienceDebatejosh.rosenau@gmail.comDeputy DirectorEvolution, climate change, science policy, science education, science and politics
JuliaHartjulia.adele3@gmail.comAquatic science, water resources, conservation, environmental science, ecology
StarreVartanGardenia Mediasvartan@gmail.comFreelance Science Writerastrobiology, animal conservation, artificial intelligence, geology, geochemistry, hydrology, oceans, environment, technology, zoology, reproductive health, women's health
MaraGrunbaumFreelancemara.grunbaum@gmail.comFreelance writer, editor, authorLife science, earth science, animals, humor, educational publishing, writing for kids
ChrisReimannchrissea@me.comAspiring science writerInterested in biology, microbiology and molecular biology. Medicine and the environment.
BrittneyCarmanWashington State Universityb.carman@wsu.eduWeb Content Writer, Washington State University College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences
HanleyKingstonnonehkingsto@gmail.comevolutionary genetics, behavioral genetics, animal behavior, social psychology, criminology, bioethics, neural plasticity, environmental science
SabrinaRichardsFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centersmrichards21@gmail.comWriter/EditorWonky science, intricacies of the immune system, the intersection of science and humanity.
ClareGamlincgamlin1@gmail.comGraduate StudentNeuroscience, Developmental Biology
JaniceCantieriFreelance/National Geographic/Yes! Magazinejanice@janicecantieri.comFreelance Environmental WriterClimate change adaptation, indigenous knowledge, indigenous climate action, native resilience strategies, climate science and policy, Kiribati, Pacific, Solutions Journalism, agriculture, social enterprise
RebeccaHeismanrebecca.heisman@gmail.comFreelance wildlife/environment writerBirds, wildlife, conservation, climate change
AvivaRutkinThe Conversationavivahr@gmail.comEditor
IsabelJonesisabel9jones@gmail.comScience Communication
KristineDeiblerUniversity of Washingtondeiblerk@uw.eduPostdoctoral Fellowchemical biology, organic chemistry, peptide design, therapeutic development
LoisParshleyFreelance Journalistlparshley@gmail.comFreelance Science Journalist
SnehalJoshiUniversity of
KellyEdwardsUniversity of Washingtonedwards@uw.eduAssociate Dean/ProfessorCommunity engaged science
Citizen science
Environmental health
Disaster response research
Women in STEM
Next-gen researchers
Ethics of collaboration, partnership, translation
Public health
JoshHydeUniversity of
ChrisPalmerOregon State University, College of Engineeringcrpalmer2009@gmail.comAssociate Director of Advancement CommunicationsEngineering, Cancer, Neuroscience, Biology, Earth Science, Basic Biomedical Research
ElisaBonninUniversity of Washingtonebonnin@uw.eduPhD Candidateoceanography, paleoclimate, climate change
KellyOwensFORCEkellynowens@gmail.comDirector of Education and Research, FORCE
WayneGillamUniversity of Washington: Center for Neurotechnologywgillam@uw.eduCommunications DirectorProfessional: Neural engineering, neuroscience, neurotechnology, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, rehabilitation medicine, philosophy, diversity | Personal: Music, art, and of course, writing!
AshleySherridFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centerasherrid@gmail.comTechnical editorInfectious diseases, global health
PhilipKieferphilipjkiefer@gmail.comFreelance reporterEcology and invasive species management practices (I'm skeptical of eating them). I love forests and dinosaurs.
JyotiMadhusoodananFreelancejyoti@nasw.orgFreelance science writerLife sciences, health, medicine, STEM careers, chemistry
EvanBushThe Seattle Timesebush@seattletimes.comReporterClimate & environment news!
LynnSchnaibergContract and freelance writer & editorlynnschnaiberg@hotmail.comContract and freelance writer & editorNature/outdoor adventure and enviro impacts, food and agriculture, health, transportation and anything else that sparks curiosity. Deep journalism experience plus strategic communications, research and policy reports, and ghostwriting. Fluent Spanish speaker.
ElizabethBacherWoodland Park Zooelizabeth.bacher@zoo.orgContent ProducerI am a writer and producer for all Woodland Park Zoo's publicly-facing communication channels. I work with colleagues from animal management, conservation, education, veterinary and other departments to build awareness about conservation, endangered species and sustainability.
JenniGrittersZEST Storycraft LLCjennigritters@gmail.comFreelance JournalistI typically write about health and the outdoors, crafting long form and short form journalism content about science and health trends, the psychology behind our favorite activities, and the best products to use when you go outdoors. I also offer editing services and digital storytelling workshops.
ShelbyHuffshelbyelisehuff@gmail.comFreelance Writer + EditorWildlife, culture, environmental health, hunting, fishing, birds, bears, food, agriculture
MollyTankersleyUniversity of Alaska Southeastmdtankersley@alaska.eduScience Communications SpecialistEnvironment/earth sciences communications for the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center and the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center.
AnnThomasJohns Hopkins Universityannthomas@fastmail.fmFreelance writerHealth, wellness, environment, climate change
roxannenelsonroxannenelson23@gmail.comHealth and medicine, oncology, AI, genetics
KennaKettrickerudite.imp@gmail.comWriting Consultant & Editor
JamieWeckerjwecker1@jhu.eduFreelance/StudentPhysics, biotech, history of science, arachnology, and entomology.