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Summer of the Sharks: Studying Ocean Predators

7:00 pm
July 24, 2024

Alberta Rose Theatre

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The word “shark” has historically conjured images of a mindless, man-eating machine. Yet there are over 500 shark species of all shapes and sizes, consuming everything from seagrass to marine mammals. All are critical to our oceans, and their presence usually indicates that an ecosystem is healthy. However, in order to reverse their decline, we need to know more about them.

How do sharks behave?
What is their population size?
How old do they get?
How many young do they have?

Getting answers is a huge challenge – how do you study something that is out of sight and sometimes larger than your own boats? Oregon’s waters are home to 15 shark species, but a dedicated research program was only recently established for these animals – the Big Fish Lab at Oregon State University. At this Science on Tap, learn about their innovative research methods, from animal-borne cameras and “FitBits” to satellite tracking to drone footage, as well as why this information is critical to conservation.

Some of their scientists have been featured on Shark Week, BBC and National Geographic, so come prepared with all of your questions about sharks, shark science, and sharks in the public eye!

Dr. Alexandra (Alex) McInturf (she/her) is a research associate in the Big Fish Lab (BFL) at Oregon State University. Her research focuses on the social lives of sharks and tracking the movements and assessing the diets of many species. She completed her PhD in Animal Behavior at the University of California, Davis in 2021. She has been with the Big Fish Lab since then, where she conducts her research, mentors the BFL’s many undergraduate and graduate students, and leads community engagement efforts.

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