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Bloomberg Green Festival

July 10, 2024

McCaw Hall at Seattle Center

Registration page: Bloomberg Green Festival

Bloomberg Green Festival is a global collaboration between innovators, policymakers, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, musicians and more, to explore new solutions spanning the entire climate spectrum.

Headquartered at our Seattle Center campus, the festival will cover four themes vital to creating practical, collective change: Technology and Innovation, The Climate Economy, Greener Living and Green Policy. Through dining experiences, performances, installations and cultural moments, guests will be immersed in interactive learning, participate in data-driven experiences and build relationships with world-renowned experts.

Whether you run a business or a household, lead a non-profit or work within your community group, have already begun effecting change in an organization or don't know where to start, or simply want to learn how your everyday choices can contribute to a global movement - this festival is for everyone who cares about this planet and all 8 billion of its fans.