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Book Talk: Sebastian Junger - Musings on Mortality

7:30 pm
May 28, 2024

Town Hall Seattle

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Hosted by Town Hall Seattle

In this introspective memoir meets heavy-hitting medical drama, Junger sets out to grapple with the seemingly unanswerable queries and concerns that haunted him after suffering a nearly lethal ruptured aneurysm. Weighing a background that praised the empirical against the old ghosts that appeared to him at his most critical moments, atheist-identified Junger ventures even further into the unfamiliar by following a line of deeply human questions. How do we begin to process the brutal fact that any of us might perish unexpectedly on what begins as an ordinary day? And what happens to a person, emotionally and spiritually, when forced to reckon with such existential questions? In My Time of Dying explores the intersection of science, religion, and philosophy and turns the examination inward when pondering how we best continue to live once we become truly aware that no one is immune to death.

Sebastian Junger is a best-selling author, award-winning journalist, and documentary filmmaker with a focus on stories of war, occupational risk, and trauma. His reporting and writing have been featured in Vanity Fair, where he serves as a contributing editor, National Geographic Adventure, Harper’s, and The New York Times Magazine. His previous publications and works include the books The Perfect StormWarTribe, and Freedom as well as the Academy Award-nominated documentary film Restrepo. He is the founder and director of Vets Town Hall, an organization that provides veterans with opportunities to speak about their experiences.

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