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Jan. 27: Can Humor Help Fight Misinformation About Science?

When someone shares misinformation, should we be furious — or try to be funny? Join us Thurs., Jan. 27 at 5:00 p.m. for a lively discussion with experts from academia, journalism, and comedy writing.

NSWA 2022 Party and Annual Member Meeting

Join us on March 10 for an evening of cocktails and campfires, writing awards, and celebrating community safely.

Book Talk: Healing Landscapes With Indigenous Science

On Tuesday, November 30, we gathered for a discussion with Indigenous environmental scientist Dr. Jessica Hernandez about her new book on why western conservationism isn’t working and what Indigenous models can offer.

The Craft and Humor of Science Writing With Mary Roach

Watch our recent Zoom conversation with “America’s funniest science writer” Mary Roach that took place Wednesday, October 20.

Congrats to our 2021 Career Development Award winners!

NSWA is pleased to announce that independent journalists Robin Donovan and Britany Robinson will receive funding to advance their science communication careers.

COVID-19 Coverage and Economic Resources for NSWA Members

NSWA is supporting its members during this public health emergency by collecting resources to help those writing about the pandemic and those suffering economic hardship from its consequences.

#nswasciwire – Recent work by our members

cover of book with picture of a songbird perched on a lit stick of dynamite. Title: A Field Guide to Thinking Errors: Using Neuroscience to Classify, Avoid and Exploit our Biases, by Andre Golard PhD

Golard: Thinking Errors

In his first book, “A Field Guide to Thinking Errors: Using Neuroscience to Classify, Avoid, and Exploit Our Biases,” André...
photo of a cell phone tower rising above a field and some trees

Berkowitz: Cell Network Rain Data

For the American Physical Society’s Physics magazine, Rachel Berkowitz explains how cellular networks can offer critical...
photo of a whale tail above the surface of the water near shore

Steinberg: Plastic in Whale Diets

Nancy Steinberg writes about a new scientific partnership to investigate connections between human-made debris, zooplankton...
aerial photo of a large, curved dam

Mapes: Skagit Dams

For The Seattle Times, Lynda Mapes (@lyndavmapes) writes that Seattle City Light is seeking to relicense three...
photo of the skin of a whale with numerous barnacles attached

Grunbaum: Whale Barnacles

Few scientists study the mysterious barnacles that live only on whales, but Mara Grunbaum (@maragrunbaum) takes us into...

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