A Pacific Northwest Workshop for Science Communicators
Thanks to volunteers we were able to video tape five different sessions from the program.


  • Collaborating for high-impact social media campaigns
    Tom Furtwangler, PATH
    Bo Jungmayer, Premera Blue Cross
    Moderator: Kristen Tetteh, Washington Global Health Alliance
  • Seeing social media in a crystal ball
    Dana Lewis, Open APS
  • Enlightening Visuals
    Jessica Hagy, graphic designer, creator of Indexed
    Chad Hall, Cognition Studio
    Kristine Johnson, Cognition Studio
  • How video can bring science to life
    David Ehlert, Cognition Studio
    Katie Jennings, New Canoe Media
    Inessa Stanishevskaya, Cognition Studio
    Introductions: Ellen Kuwana
  • Keynote: Storytelling from campfire to cloud (note: audio missing for first 5 minutes)
    Jacqui Banaszynski, Keynote, Missouri School of Journalism