An image for the trailer of 65

Want to come watch a goofy science fiction movie with us and then talk about it afterwards? On March 11th, NSWA will be hosting a watch party in downtown Seattle for Sony Picture’s new science fiction thriller “65”, starring Adam Driver (the 7:20 PM showing at Regal Meridian, specifically). This film looks like a delight for anyone who revels in silly movies or picking apart what we expect (nay, hope) will be many, many ridiculous inaccuracies (not least of which is the fact that, as The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage pointed out last December, the dinosaurs actually went extinct 66 million years ago, making Adam a million years too late). Watch the trailer here.

To sweeten the deal, NSWA will be treating everyone to popcorn and snacks!

Sign ups are here

A few quick logistical notes:

  • Members will need to buy their own tickets
  • Members are encouraged to show up a little early to meet up with each other. A member of the board will be present to greet folks
  • Because it’s a public venue, we can’t control for Covid exposure. Members are encouraged to mask up and test beforehand if possible
  • Guests are welcome