Left to right: David Ansley, Keith Seinfeld, David Williams, David George Gordon, John Roach, Molly McElroy, Judi Gibbs, Matt Vivion. Not shown: Sherri Damlo. Photo by Annie Laurie Malarkey.

Greetings all.

Wow and golly ned. What a wonderful annual meeting/post-holiday party. It was great to see everyone. And for those who couldn’t make it, I hope to see you at future events. I would like to thank Molly McElroy for all her work in setting up the party and working with the caterer and host in working out the myriad details. Also, a big thanks to David Ansley for managing sign-ups and to the rest of the NSWA Board for stepping up and assisting with getting the word out, setting up, taking down, and general mingling.

I also want to thank the retiring members of the 2012 Board, President Sally James, Vice-President Sandi Doughton, Secretary Ellen Kurek, and Member-At-Large Rebecca Kelley. They have left the organization in a great shape and with big shoes to fill.I wanted to introduce myself.

I am the new President of NSWA. Although I have the title, I will be co-sharing the president’s responsibilities with NSWA’s new Vice-President, Molly McElroy. Joining us as officers on the 2013 NSWA Board are Secretary Keith Seinfeld and Treasurer David Ansley. The rest of the board includes At-Large members Sherri Damlo, Judi Gibbs, David George Gordon, John Roach, and Matt Vivion.

We are excited about 2013 and hosting a variety of events. In particular, our plan is to focus on the craft of science communication from writing book proposals to story research to technology. Please let us know if you have suggestions of subjects that interest you. And, we do plan on continuing the tours, author discussions, and networking we have done in the past.Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2013.

Stay in touch.

David Williams