NSWA and ScienceOnlineSeattle and FOSEP have partnered with sciencedebate.org to ask science questions of the candidates for governor in Washington state.

Candidate Jay Inslee submitted answers to the questions recently, and you can read those here. We remain hopeful that Candidate Rob McKenna will submit answers. Author and founder of ScienceDebate Shawn Otto, called McKenna “AOL on science,” in his press release.

Our mission to get science higher in public policy has gained momentum, and we now have Town Hall Seattle and Pacific Science Center among our big supporters.

Special thanks to some early supporters. Please try to help put pressure on the McKenna campaign to come through with answers. You can still sign up at sciencedebate.org and show support in social media. Here is a partial list of some of our early supporters:

Lisa Graumlich, Dean of College of the Environment, UW; Ed Lazowska, computer sciences UW; Hanson Hosein, director of master in communication in digital media, UW; Brian Grant, founder of MCN; Theresa Britschgi, outreach and education at Seattle Biomed; Robert Buderi, founder and editor in chief of Xconomy; Diane Douglas, executive director of the City Club of Seattle; the Pacific Science Center; and Microryza.