Jennifer Davison, Usha Lee McFarling, Liz Neeley, Brian Glanz and Sandra Porter discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in communicating science online. Photo by Sally James.

Miss ScienceOnline 2012 but wish you had been there? Listen to a recording of a Feb. 7 recap of “scio12” from five Seattle science communicators who attended the meeting. The panel discussed the latest challenges and opportunities in communicating science online.

[wpaudio url=”https://nwscience.org/wp-content/audio/120207_science_online.mp3″ text=”Listen now.”]

Topics included: communicating personalized genomics, dealing with abuse over the internet, disconnects between scientists and journalists, crowdfunding for science, cybersecurity for blog posts, emails and other online activities, writing for men’s and women’s magazines, and more.

View Carin Bondar’s ScienceOnline 2012 music video below:

Panelists included:

  • Sandra Porter (@digitalbio), president of  Digital World Biology (digitalworldbiology.com) and blogger with ScienceBlogs (http://scienceblogs.com/digitalbio/)
  • Liz Neeley (@LizNeeley), Assistant Director of Science Outreach with COMPASS (http://www.compassonline.org/)
  • Jennifer Davison (@jenedavison), Research Scientist with the College of the Environment at the University of Washington. She also drives the College’s social media presence and the “CoEnv Currents” news blog.\
  • Usha Lee McFarling (@ushamcfarling), Artist In Residence in the UW Department of Communication
  • Brian Glanz (@brianglanz), director of Open Science Federation (http://opensciencefederation.com/).