Perched on a hill near Magnuson Park sits a small US Geological Survey (USGS) research facility that plays a big role globally in the development of aquatic science. USGS’s Western Fisheries Research Center provides a professional home to many international authorities on issues relating to aquatic animal health, drivers of ecosystem change, restoration ecology and species recovery.

NSWA members and guests met these authorities on Oct. 29 to hear them discuss their science. Topics covered ranged from lampreys and forage fish, to the immunological effects of aquatic contaminants, to models that will help mitigate the effects of climate change in the Yakima.

The evening began with a welcome from Jill Rolland, Center Director, and with five minute presentations from each of seven scientists chosen to represent a range of ongoing research programs. After a question and answer period, attendees were offered a tour of the facility and a period for informal discussion with the scientists.