Registration for the annual ScienceOnline “unconference” fills up within minutes and North Carolina is such a schlep from the Pacific NW. At our monthly meeting on March 12 at University House, NSWA members and guests heard highlights from NSWAians who managed to attend the Feb. 27-March 1 gathering in Raleigh.

  • Mónica I. Feliú-Mójer (@moefeliu and @CienciaPR) shared insights about communicating science to underserved and non-English speaking audiences. For background, see Mónica’s presentation from ScienceOnline 2014. Also see a storify of the #sciolang session, which was moderated NSWA-ian Ivan Fernando Gonzalez (@GonzalezIvanF).
  • At the NSWA meeting, Gonzalez also was present and highlighted #sciolang, an open conversation about how science is generated, shared, and communicated online, extending beyond English-speaking audiences.
  • Jen Davison (@jenedavison) talked about how to avoid burnout while communicating science. Davison led the audience through a brainstorming session of the frustrations we face when communicating controversial topics and what we do to beat back burnout. For background, check out #sciohope and a storify of her #scio14 session.