Under the spotlight of Super Bowl 50, and the release of the Hollywood film Concussion, concerns over brain trauma in football have become hard to ignore.

Members and guests joined us on Feb. 17 for “Tackling the science of concussions and the future of football.” A panel of experts confronted critical questions: How conclusive is the link between football injuries and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)? Do the risks differ for youth versus professional athletes? Could novel helmet technology protect players and save football?

Panelists included Sam Browd, MD, PhD, medical director of Seattle Children’s Sports Concussion Program and co-founder of Vicis (a Seattle-based company developing new football helmets); Kim Blackburn, USA Football commissioner and mother of two football players; Doug Farrar, Sports Illustrated writer; and Sean Pamphilon, director of The United States of FootballLynne Peeples moderated.

A live tweet from the event is available at #NSWAconcussions and video will be available soon.