Luke Timmerman spoke with members and guests on Nov. 9 about how he made the move into entrepreneurial journalism, and how he maintains his audience and model successfully. He also shared tips and advice on self-publishing a book.

Almost two years ago local journalist Luke launched Timmerman Report, a subscription publication targeting biotechnology professionals that offers timely, in-depth news and analysis about the industry. Readers sign up and receive several stories a week in their inbox, aimed to help them find a partner, prepare for their next big meeting, jump on an investment opportunity, hire an up-and-comer or land a new job.

Luke also just self-published his first book, “Hood: Trailblazer of the Genomics Age,” about biologist Lee Hood, a man who “enabled scientists to see things they couldn’t see before and do things they hadn’t dreamed of doing.”

Luke has covered biotechnology since 2001, first at The Seattle Times, then at Bloomberg News, Xconomy and other outlets.