Enjoy this showcase of multimedia works created by NSWA members Berly McCoy (@travlinscientst), Kiyomi Taguchi (@KiyomiTaguchi), Rachel Tompa (@Rachel_Tompa), Rebecca Gourley (@rebeccalgourley) and Wayt Gibbs (@WaytGibbs), which was presented at the NSWA annual party in March.


  • A Lotl Love for the Axolotl (NPR Short Wave) — McCoy
  • ‘Smellcopter’ Uses Moth Antenna to Locate Odor Source (University of Washington) — Taguchi
  • Worn Tires Contribute to Chemical That Kills Coho Salmon (UW) — Taguchi
  • The Novelist and the Scientist (Allen Institute Labnotes) — Tompa
  • How Phases of the Moon Can Affect Your Sleep (UW) — Gourley
  • Why Is COVID-19 So Much Worse for Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Other Americans of Color? — Gibbs