fraser river in a forested canyonEric Scigliano (@SeattleFlotsam) just completed a series on the Fraser River, or Tacoutche Tesse (Mighty One), for the Salish Current. In the first piece in the series, Scigliano gives an overview of the still-undammed river’s geography, its fisheries, and its history of exploration and exploitation by Europeans and white Canadians. In part two, he examines the river’s massive 2021 flood and the First Nations-led collaboration that is rebuilding more sustainably in its wake. Part three focuses on ongoing efforts to save wild salmon runs by transitioning local aquaculture away from open net-pen practices. Part four illuminates the river’s side channels and tributaries, and the obstacles they present to returning salmon. Part five concludes with a visit to the biologically rich area known as the Heart of the Fraser. Photo: -JvL- via Wikimedia Commons