Northwest Science Writers Association

COMING UP - Trivia Night at Floating Bridge Brewing Co.

Grab your thinking cap and mark your calendar for our second-annual NSWA Science Trivia Night at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22 at Floating Bridge Brewing Co.

Mixer with graduate students interested in science communication

NSWA mixed and mingled with the next generation of science communicators by joining the ComSciCon-Pacific Northwest participants on April 12 at Optimism Brewing.

Finding Your Data Story with Tableau Public

Ever wanted to incorporate data into your storytelling? From interactive maps to engaging graphs and charts, this workshop on March 25 helped us understand how to turn raw data into compelling visualizations ready to share online, using Tableau Public.

Tour of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) with CEO Oren Etzioni

Can a computer ace a high school biology exam? What about navigate a typical household, or play Pictionary? NSWA learned about artificial intelligence research at AI2 on Feb. 20.

Hello World - 2019 Holiday Party and Annual Meeting

We let our inner geeks out to play at our biggest and best event of the year on Jan. 10 at Paul Allen’s Living Computers Museum + Labs.

#nswasciwire – Recent work by our members

Yan: Com-rads

Take a journey with NSWA Board Member Wudan Yan to Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. In a news feature for Nature, Wudan describes...

Morton: Reducing Sky-High Suicide Rates

For The Oregonian, NSWA Board Member Carol Cruzan Morton describes suicide patterns in the Northwest: They're persistently...

Watts: Amphibians! Bafraid of Bsal

Bsal is what salamander-savvy biologists call Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans. Andrea Watts (@WattsInTheWoods) writes...

Hu: Green ‘Til the End

For Slate, NSWA President Jane C. Hu reports on how the hue of the Evergreen State got a little deeper. The very green...

Stanley: Road Trip

What better way to measure traffic pollution than with cars in traffic? Sarah Stanley writes about specially equipped...

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