News & Notes

“Stories in Stone” Seattle walking tour
6:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 15

15 maximum on tour. $10 per member.

Join us  for a “Stories in Stone” walking tour of downtown Seattle with David Williams, former NSWA president, naturalist and writer.

On this 1.5-mile walk, we will explore stone ranging from 3.5-billion years old to 120,000 years old, a wall of fossils, and rock used by the Romans to build the Colosseum. We will discuss history, geology, and architecture to give you a new way to appreciate the urban wilds of Seattle. Learn more and your buy ticket.

“Genetic Me” US premiere

NSWA was proud to host the U.S. premiere of “Genetic Me,” a documentary from Danish science writer Lone Frank, on June 10 at Group Health Research Institute (GHRI). Afterward, Evette Ludman, an expert in mental health and genetic testing from GHRI, joined us to discuss the science behind the film.