Northwest Science Writers Association

COMING UP - Annual Member Meeting

At the member meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16 at Folio, we’ll gather to announce the 2020 NSWA board as well as the winners of the Best of the Northwest science writing awards.

Can consciousness be computed? Can death be reversed?

In his frequent contributions to Scientific American and in a new book from MIT Press, Christof Koch guides us through the neural underpinnings of cognition, consciousness, and subjective experience. Koch joined NSWA for an evening of thinking about thought on Nov. 26.

Volcano Camping Adventure at Mount St. Helens

NSWA experienced the majesty, awesome destruction, and amazing rebirth of the Pacific Northwest’s most violent volcano on our first-ever camping adventure Aug. 2 – Aug. 4. Hosted by the Mount St. Helens Institute, we saw parts of the national monument that few ever experience.

Searching for solutions to the opioid epidemic

NSWA hosted an hour-long panel on June 25 that explored what researchers are learning about the opioid addiction and possible solutions to the crisis, and how we as science communicators can disseminate this research accurately and responsibly.

Trivia Night at Floating Bridge Brewing Co.

We grabbed our thinking caps for our second-annual NSWA Science Trivia Night on May 22 at Floating Bridge Brewing Co.

Mixer with graduate students interested in science communication

NSWA mixed and mingled with the next generation of science communicators by joining the ComSciCon-Pacific Northwest participants on April 12 at Optimism Brewing.

Finding Your Data Story with Tableau Public

Ever wanted to incorporate data into your storytelling? From interactive maps to engaging graphs and charts, this workshop on March 25 helped us understand how to turn raw data into compelling visualizations ready to share online, using Tableau Public.

Tour of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) with CEO Oren Etzioni

Can a computer ace a high school biology exam? What about navigate a typical household, or play Pictionary? NSWA learned about artificial intelligence research at AI2 on Feb. 20.

Hello World - 2019 Holiday Party and Annual Meeting

We let our inner geeks out to play at our biggest and best event of the year on Jan. 10 at Paul Allen’s Living Computers Museum + Labs.

#nswasciwire – Recent work by our members

Solis: Schizophrenia—A Difficult Definition

How do doctors around the world agree on a complex disease? Michele Solis digs into the history of schizophrenia to find...

Yan: Feather Fears

For the New York Times, Wudan Yan leads us through a medical mystery: Why was an otherwise healthy man in Scotland unable...

Gaines: Jeholbaatar’s Ears

It’s not a Star Wars spinoff—Jeholbaatar is an extinct animal with the lead role in James Gaines’s new SciShow video, “This...

Weinberger: Cockle Sustainability

Cockles are bivalves native to the Puget Sound and they may have a cancer problem, writes Hannah Weinberger for Crosscut...

Peeples: The Rise of Bioelectronics

Lynne Peeples does a deep dive into bioelectronic medicine, aka neuromodulation, biostimulation, or electroceuticals for...

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