Fitzgerald (Curtis): Woof


Pepe takes another case in Waverly Curtis’s (actually Waverly Fitzgerald’s) latest book about the barking detective and chihuahua extraordinaire. Dog lovers and mystery solvers will want new book, The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice and the newly available [ ...more ]

DeWeerdt: The Spectrum Expands


In The Atlantic, Sarah DeWeerdt explains the genetic basis for the saying, “If you’ve seen one kid with autism, you’ve seen one kid with autism.” Genetic analyses are finding hundreds of genes involved in autism. An [ ...more ]

Lang: Guiding Writers of Stats


If you’ve stumbled over stats, Tom Lang can help. His new paper for the Equator Network (Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research) is a set of straightforward guidelines about reporting statistics for common analyses [ ...more ]

Koopmans: Pocket Rwanda


New for your Kindle, Andy Koopman’s Rwanda (The Evolution of Africa’s Major Nations). If all you can recall about the country is ethnic wars in the 1990s, get an update from Andy’s fact-filled, up-to-date book. Prefer [ ...more ]

Matrajt + Weeks: Not for Women Only


Graciela Matrajt announces a updated newsletter for the Association for Women in Science, Seattle Chapter. NSWA member Reitha Weeks is the president of Seattle AWIS. The newsletter has researcher profiles, “Recent discoveries and achievements,” and an [ ...more ]