Peeples: Fever


It’s not just the planet that suffers from climate change, says Lynne Peeples @lynnepeeps—it’s all of us. In a story for The Huffington Post, Lynne described how global temperature changes have human costs. Lynne attended a [ ...more ]

Tompa: Maxine Linial, Unstoppable


What is science without sight? Rachel Tompa answers with a profile in Quest of Maxine Linial, a virologist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Blinded when she was hit by a car in 2010, Dr. [ ...more ]

Braun: Get Involved


You don’t need a diploma to be a scientist, writes Ashley Braun You just need enthusiasm, dedication, and an interest in a research topic ranging from archaeology to geomorphology. Find your citizen science passion [ ...more ]

Doughton: How to Stop a Plague


The Ebola outbreak has kept science journalists, especially Sandi Doughton @SandiDoughton, busy. Seattle is making major contributions to fighting Ebola, Sandi reports, from Gates Foundation support for containment and treatment, to Paul Allen and [ ...more ]

Ostrander: Tips for Science Writers


Madeline Ostrander @madelinevo also earned a 2014 NSWA Career Development Award (see Lynne Peeples, above). Madeline went to freelance writer summer camp and returned with five business tips for science writers. Send her [ ...more ]