Roseth: Improvisation and Inspiration


Bob Roseth gets a chance to profile a modern jazz great, guitarist Bill Frisell. The occasion? Frisell, renowned performer, has joined the University of Washington School of Music. Read how the Jazz Studies Program lured the [ ...more ]

Hendrickson: Lemonade Aid


There’s no wallowing, writes Janet Hendrickson, at the Lemonade breast cancer support group. In Group Health Research News, Janet reports that the women who attend the monthly Group Health meetings focus on practical education, personal empowerment [ ...more ]

Sharpe: Down the Drain


Think before flushing, writes Elizabeth Sharpe. Unused medicines sent down toilets wash into our waterways. University of Washington researchers are testing for drugs and chemicals from soap and shampoo in Puget Sound, and they’re checking for [ ...more ]

Paulson: Ebola Explained


In a podcast for Humanosphere, Tom Paulson talks with public health expert Laurie Garrett about Ebola. Like everything on Humanosphere (@TheHumanosphere), a nonprofit news organization run by Tom that covers global science, the interview [ ...more ]

Long: One River, Many Angles


In The Smithsonian, Priscilla Long (@pricillalong) gives us a tour of the Skagit River, a complex modern ecosystem. This natural wonder is also a commercial area, recreational spot, and site of a spectacular 2013 bridge accident. [ ...more ]