Bailey: The Real Paleo Diet


Kevin Bailey, science writer, University of Washington affiliate professor, and founder of the marine consulting organization Man & Sea Institute, writes about a fish cultured in the Amazon rainforest that was probably eaten by dinosaurs. [ ...more ]

Damlo: No Monkey Business


Do you know 2013 board member Sherri Damlo? If so, you’re two degrees of separation from science giant Jane Goodall, who (update!) celebrates her 80th birthday this month.Dr. Goodall used Sherri’s editing services on her [ ...more ]

Feliú-Mójer: Networking for Diversity


Mónica Feliú-Mójer (@moefeliu) and coauthors have a new a PLOS Biology paper describing Ciencia Puerto Rico, a networking site that brings scientists together to promote science education and student mentoring. (And thanks to Mónica for [ ...more ]

James: Niagra Falls of Data


Previous NSWA President Sally James (@jamesian) explains the conundrum—yottabytes of data that are more than any single researcher can handle—and the solution: Seattle. We have servers, scientists and smart technies, writes Sally in Seattle Business. New [ ...more ]

Williams: Slumps and Slides


David Williams has been busy as NSWA president and our local interpreter of events making the national news. In his Geology Writer blog, David explains the geological and human factors that caused the Oso [ ...more ]