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Olson: Remembering the Volcano

USGS.800px-Mount_St._Helens_1979Mount St. Helens is still telling stories. And Steve Olson collects them in his new book Eruption, which puts the science and history of the mountain in the context of personal reports from people who were nearby when it blew in May 1980. On Monday, March 7, Steve will talk about his book with Steve Scher at Town Hall in Seattle. Tickets here. photo: USGS

Sellman: Wild OATs

creditAndr.V.S.(Andrew_Stevovich_oil_painting)Tamara Sellman has good news for people with obstructive sleep apnea: oral appliance therapy (OAT). Tamara explains that OAT could replace continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices, which many people dislike, even though they can help with a healthy night’s sleep. Tamara is a staff writer for sleep health company SomnoSure and populates their blog with advice and news. See more @SleepyHeadCtrl and Tamara’s own site. photo: Andr.V.S.

Hu: Open Up

In The Atlantic, Ncredit.Seeman.file751259341465SWA Vice President Jane C. Hu writes about a burgeoning populist uprising. Or at least, a group of scientists who are pushing academic publisher Elsevier to lower fees for open access—making journal articles freely available online. Many researchers want to publish this way, but can’t afford the charges of thousands of dollars. Cognitive scientists are taking action, writes @jane_c_huphoto: Seeman