Reuter: A Steller Project


Where are the Steller sea lions?, asks Rebecca Reuter in two features for the NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center Quarterly Research Report. To find the endangered pinnipeds in the Alaskan summer fog, writes Rebecca, NOAA researchers [ ...more ]

Ostrander: Go GMOs


Madeline Ostrander @madelinevo harvested a bumper crop of kudos and quarrels for her balanced article in The Nation on GMOs, anti-GMO activists, big agro corporations, and the FDA—all fighting over your dinner. Madeline takes [ ...more ]

Lindley: Neuro-origins


Fall means football, head injuries and neuroscience. Robin Lindley, writing for History News Network @myHNN, links the latter two in an interview with science writer Sam Kean. Their conversation uncovers how brain trauma and illness [ ...more ]

Pajer: Seattle, 1901: Edison v. Bradshaw


What’s Thomas Edison looking for in Elliott Bay and can University of Washington Professor Benjamin Bradshaw find it first? Go to Bernadette Pajer’s book event at 6 pm, Saturday 27 September at the UW Jacobsen Observatory UW [ ...more ]

James: Downsizing


Move over micro, writes Sally James (@jamesian) in Alaska Airlines Magazine. Smaller is better and nano is newer. Read her story to see how scientists at the University of Washington are developing next-generation nanocomponents of [ ...more ]