Goldfarb: Swimming Upstream


What can save the salmon? asks Ben Goldfarb @ben_a_goldfarb, in a cover story for High Country News. Ben explores the options around the Columbia Basin, where development and dams are deciding the fate of the [ ...more ]

Scheiderer: Star Showers


Greg Scheiderer @gscheiderer keeps tabs on the meteors for us: the Geminids now and the Perseids in August. Greg’s essay about the August sky show for Seattle Astronomy touches on the science and the [ ...more ]

Sellman: Waking Up to 2015


At Sleepyhead Central, Tamara Kaye Sellman answers your questions about sleep: why we do it, what happens if we don’t, and how to do it better. Starting this year, Tamara is also exploring mental health [ ...more ]

Enevoldsen: What’s Up in the Night Sky


Alice Enevoldsen invites us along on her star-gazing adventures. Her December post in the West Seattle Blog has early January events including meteor showers happening this week. Put on your hat, scarf and warmest coat [ ...more ]

Keown: Mir-acle


In the 1980s, writes Susan Keown @sejkeown, two Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center scientists did research in outer space. With the Soviets. Drs. Barry Stoddard and Roland Strong weren’t astronauts but they sent experimental materials to [ ...more ]